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UNiQO Affordable Web Design for businesses. Get your business site up and running under $1,000 by professionals who understand both business and Google search.

We specialize in designing web sites that will be Google friendly and will capture leads for your business from search.

Welcome to Internet Made Simple

Trading since 1999, UNiQO delivers sales boosting Web services to businesses in North America and Europe. Our concept is simple and clear, our Web sites are fast, and present prospective customers with the message within the first 3 seconds.

UNiQO offers a wide range of Internet services including Web design, Web marketing, Search Engines Optimization, Web site hosting, graphic services as well as sales and marketing hands-on consulting.

Getting your Web site in front of your target market is our priority, our team will assist you to achieve this advantage over your competition using a variety of tools including Search Engines Optimization (SEO). SEO is known to be the most affordable way to increase sales coming from the Internet. Together with you we will design your site and content to power the next search made by your prospective customer. 

Are you looking to get new customers from the Internet? Do you need to redesign or create a new website? Would you like to transform your website to lead generation?

Web Site Design

UNiQO can successfully serve all your design, development and marketing needs. Our project teams are usually made of individuals with different skills, giving our customers a solution that works!

With strong sales and marketing approach we aim to optimize your Web site to function as if it was another member of your sales team.

Our Websites are business oriented, simple to use and update, fast to load, search engine friendly and professional. When we design your website we take many aspects into consideration, the balance between your text and graphics, the message we want to deliver, how fast your page will show, key words used in content, flash animation and more. Most important we always remember that we only have a few seconds to attract the attention of the customer.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN are always improving the way they search for the most relevant, localized information. Their search mechanism includes many filters to remove anything that may look unworthy of showing the user for a specific search. Understanding that Google and other search engines are making their best effort to keep their search results relevant for the user allows us at UNiQO to simplify SEO to the very essence of what it was designed to be. A Find algorithm. 

UNiQO offers a basic search engine  optimization (SEO) and submission with every project. Our everyday objective is to correctly understand the very specific market our customers target with their Web site, and use that knowledge when we configure your site for Google. The essence of SEO is to provide a simple answer to the following three questions:

  • What is your business?

  • Who are your customers?

  • Where are your customers?

inform search engines know who you are and who you serve so that Google, Yahoo and other search engine can find and present your business to the right audience. Over the years we have developed a unique methodology towards search engines, allowing us to complete this part of your new Website quickly and effectively.


Web Site Hosting

Because we understand you need a fast and reliable server to run your business. At UNiQO, we also assist our clients in managing their hosting accounts, including setting up the account, DNS services, domain name registration, Name Servers, email accounts, control panel and all that it takes to get your business online.

We offer 3 standard hosting plans on Linux and Windows servers, however customized packages are also available. You can trust us to get you up and running in no time at all.


"Hands-on" Sales Acceleration Services

UNiQO is uniquely positioned to focus on your short term success. Most consultants offer long term results, this is nice when you are doing extremely well, however when you need to generate sales fast, you need UNiQO on your side.

We will meet with you to learn about your short-term objectives (First meeting is always free), we will evaluate how we can effectively build up your sales and present it back to you in details. We will later present the plan to your team and work fast with your team to achieve the objectives. Our service is hands-on which means we work together with your team. We bring experience, knowledge, and fresh energy!

Our formula to short term results delivers a 70:30 ratio of increasing good revenue from existing and recurring accounts as well as new business.

A typical project is 2-4 month. Our cost is $50/hour per sales accelerator + performance bonus.


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Need a new Web site? want to upgrade your existing Web site? let us help you! we will help you position your site correctly to deliver the results you need. Contact us today.




Hosting made simple. We will take your site, install it on our server, manage your domains and get you up and running within 24 hours.




Get the tools you need to optimize your site and compete on Google, Yahoo. Let us show you how you can get viewed by your prospective customers in their geographical area on relevant searches.




Need a quick boost to your sales? don't have enough sales people? we will hands-on lead your sales to increase your cash flow. We offer short term results.


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