Sales Acceleration

Sales and marketing consulting Vaughan

Sales and marketing consulting Vaughan

In 2010 the business market was hit by an unstable global economy, same thing happened again late in 2014 and early 2015, although impacting mostly the larger manufacturers, it has a natural effect also on small and medium size businesses that had to cut costs in order to compete in the market. In the process of cutting costs many businesses had to cut or eliminate most of their marketing budget and reduce their sales force or not hire new staff.

Our sales acceleration services are designed for businesses looking to boost their sales performance over a short 3-4 month period without hiring permanent new staff. Other than the cost savings and the fact that payments are for marketing services, businesses using our sales acceleration services benefit from highly experienced sales consultants that work with your staff as well as hands-on with the market to deliver you short-term results. Another benefit for your business is that in the process we help your business to better understand what needs to be done or changed in order to sustain a steady growth, understanding immediate competition, and producing quality sales. UNiQO is uniquely positioned to focus on your short term success. Most consultants offer long term results, this is nice when you are doing extremely well, however when you need to generate sales fast, you need UNiQO on your side.

We will meet with you to learn about your short-term objectives (First meeting is always free), we will evaluate how we can effectively build up your sales and present it back to you in details. We will later present the plan to your team and work fast with your team to achieve the objectives. Our service is hands-on which means we work together with your team. We bring experience, knowledge, and fresh energy!

Our formula to short term results delivers a 70:30 ratio of increasing good revenue from existing and recurring accounts as well as new business.

A typical project is 2-4 month. Our cost is $70/hour per sales accelerator + performance bonus. For many businesses a 6-10 hours a week is all that is required.