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Top Most Important SEO Factors for a Website to Consider – UNiQO Web & SEO for SMB’s

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an integral element of online success for any website, as its visibility and traffic continue to expand online. As this field continually develops, it’s vital that we identify the key impactful elements to maximize your website’s potential and in this post we will cover a few of these critical factors that could significantly enhance its search engine performance and ranking.

Content reigns supreme when it comes to SEO. Search engines such as Google give priority to websites offering relevant, informative, and valuable content for users. Determine relevant terms that resonate with your niche and target audience. Content Quality: Produce high-quality, well-researched articles that address user inquiries while adding value for them. For optimal website relevance and up-to-dateness, regularly add and update new content to keep it fresh and relevant. On-Page SEO Optimization Optimizing individual web pages in order to increase their search engine rankings requires On-Page SEO optimization. Create descriptive and keyword-rich titles for every page. Meta Descriptions: Write attractive meta descriptions that encourage clicks. mes Header Tags: Structure your content using proper heading tags such as H1, H2, etc. Strategically place keywords throughout your content without overusing or “keyword stuffing.” Image Optimization: Add descriptive alt tags and reduce file sizes for faster loading times.

Mobile-friendliness has become an essential SEO factor, especially as more users access websites from various mobile devices. Make sure your website is responsive and offers an effortless user experience across various screen sizes; Google considers mobile-friendliness a ranking factor, so developing one could help increase search engine rankings. Website speed also plays an important role – slow loading websites result in higher bounce rates and decreased rankings; to improve page load speeds. Compress and optimize images without compromising quality. Minimize HTTP Requests: Reduce the number of server requests made by your website. Enable Browser Caching: Allow browsers to store certain files locally in order to speed up subsequent visits. Employ Content Delivery Networks (CDNs): CDNs can distribute content across multiple servers globally for optimal latency reduction.

Off-page SEO factors, particularly backlinks, play an integral part in establishing the authority and credibility of a website. Focus on building quality backlinks from authoritative websites in your niche by building high-quality backlinks from authoritative sites in your niche – strategies may also include creating informative guest blog posts for industry websites. Social Media Engagement: Share your content via various social media platforms in order to generate traffic and potentially gain backlinks. Influencer Marketing: Form partnerships with influencers who can promote your content and link back to it on other sites. Broken Link Building: Take note of broken links elsewhere online and offer your content as replacements when identified on other websites.

Free Check of Your Small Business SEO Rankings & Performance – UNIQO Marketing Vaughan

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While SEO is a multifaceted discipline, focusing on these top 5 SEO factors can provide a strong foundation for your website’s success in search engine rankings. Remember that SEO is an ongoing process, and staying updated with the latest trends and algorithms is crucial to maintaining and improving your website’s visibility in search results. By prioritizing high-quality content, on-page optimization, mobile-friendliness, page load speed, and effective off-page SEO, you can increase your website’s chances of ranking higher and attracting organic traffic.

If you are running a small business and would like a free review of your SEO rankings and performance, use the contact form on the site to request your free review.

The link between the Q&A in Google My Business and Your Business Visibility

This feature works similarly to a Q&A or FAQ on other sites, letting users ask questions about a business, their services, staff, etc and potentially receive a direct reply from other users and the business itself.  These questions and answers are public to any other looking for you.

There is also the option to flag any questions or answers if they are inappropriate. Certain things are especially not allowed such as advertisement, off-topic Q&A, and impersonation. Another idea is to answer some things proactively; certain things like business hours, parking, pricing are typical for most businesses and you can add in ones you have regularly got in person from customers as well.

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Making Landing Pages to Convert Traffic to Leads

Landing pages are used to test specific types of audiences that you or your online marketing company may identified.

Instead of changing the site each time you wish to test a specific prospective audience, what drives them, key selling points and ways to get those people to take action, you can create landing pages on your site, track them and monitor how they perform over time.

Fast capture your audience’s attention, motivate and cultivate them to take the action, record their behaviour over time so in reality you can target, funnel and generate leads from multiple and different audiences all at once.

Study your audience and categorize them

  • Test different messages – what works best?
  • Improve engagement on page by using visuals that are relevant to your users like video
  • Don’t think twice about testing landing pages in A/B test mode, we all make assumptions
  • Consider using surveys on your site, asking people for feedback and integrate social media share buttons
  • Monitor the performance of pages with Analytics over time, analyze, improve and retarget


This is how you buy website design for a business

Online Marketing VaughanNot all sites are the same. Agree?

There are still so many people who disagree and to them we say buy yoir site design by price since you will not likely do mych with it anyways…

But for those who say some sites rank and perform betterthan others we say let’s talk!

So what makes a site good?

A site well design will load fast and open with a direct answer to the question the client potentially and likely used in the search. A prospect getting an answer that is both relevant and actionable is 10 times more likely to become a business lead…and that is the base of lead generation.

Moreover if the site is local to the prospect and incorporates trust factors like certifications, ratings, reviews or testimonials it will much improve the volume and speed of conversions or in other words leads.

But that is not all. You want the newly designed website to rank high and show above your competition. People more likely to click on a top ranking 1st page results Google site.

Online marketing is an ongoing process, Google is like a cookie monster who wants to be constantly provided with a dynamic set of signals from you in order to reward you with positions on search.

Talk to a UNiQO advisor today about website design and online marketing.



Moms and YouTube – a great research by Google

What a well defined audience this is, moms, typically addressed as influencers but really this audience calls the shots on many online decisions for service and product purchases at any amount. Do you really know enough about this audience opportunity? have you considered this audience as part of your online campaign?

So this very interesting research was published long ago by Google but some how finds his way back again and again and every time I come across it I still find it relevant. Considering the use of video to tap on to this traffic opportunity is a great idea and works faster than webpage SEO so why not? take a minute to read, follow this link.

Website Design Vaughan to Generate Sales Online

web design VaughanYou can web design a site that is cheap, you can web design a site that is fast, you can web design a site that is impressive but when you need to web design a site to generate leads for your business you need a web designer that actually (and I hate this word but used it to make a point) understands online lead generation.

UNiQO since 1999 specializes in web designing websites that are specifically used to build leads for the business. Our work begins at the very basic understanding of  what your offering, your benefits and competitive advantages, such information is often used to motivate your audiences to choose you over the competition, walk through the funnel and convert to leads via a sales form or calling your telephone number.

By defaults all sites nowdays are responsive, this means the web sites we design will fit to the size of the device in which they are loaded on, fro example a desktop, tablets, and a large variety of commonly used smartphones like iPhone IOS and Google Androids.

Finally, a lead generation site is not a one time shot effort, once launched, the site will be getting some traction, either organic SEO or paid like AdWords, either way that traffic (people) will interact with your site and their level of engagement will signal how well the site works for them.

Keep testing, try new messages, features, page designs over time and see how those changes perform. Typically after 4-6 month you will have enough data to see a trend of what works for your site, at that time switch your efforts from testing to skaling. Skale what works with your recently designed website to your entire campaign, but don’t stop there, keep monitoring the performance of your site for best results.

Contact UNiQO in Vaughan, Ontario for help with your web design project. Affordable and fast to deploy, let’s talk!


New Google Local Search Results – where did my map listing go?

If you are reading our recent post about map listings disappearing from the Google’s latest local search results it is likely that your map listing (business address) was positioned 4-7 and now simply gone.

First let’s understand what happened.

1. Before Google local search was showing 7 business listings in SERP results, now it is limited to 3 only with an option to expand the results link. Therefore if you used to be on position greater than 3 you are not showing anymore which is bad news for SEO companies as well as business listing owners making the game even more competitive now.

2. With more sponsored ads above the fold and less organic listings, businesses are expected now to increase their spend on local search in order to get themselves included in search results.

3. You may notice the map size increasing at the expense of listings.

4.  Address and telephone numbers now missing from most search results unless clicked on and no photos.

5. There is now a new format of local ads being tested by Google currently showing for home services like the plumber.

In conclusion, if your local business is depending on organic traffic from search it is perfectly normal to see your traffic decreases due to recent changes. For most this may be disturbing news, but for those leading the market using online marketing this means time to use the new tools available and beat that competition in order to dominate that local search.

Looking to evaluate your own local search situation? talk to us!

What is “Bounce Rate%”?

Website Bounce Rate is the % of sessions in which the person left your site from the entrance page without interacting with the page such as watching a video, submitting a form or clicking on a link.

SEO  vaughan
SEO vaughan

Many factors come to play as far as high bounce rate % for example users may leave your site due to the site not showing well on their mobile smartphone or tablet or if the site loads really slow or if the site seems to not match their search goals but there is also a flip side…people may find the information they look for, fast, right on the landing page or home page and simply do not need to stay on the site.


Regardless what may be the reason, bounce rate % is used by Google’s algorithm as votes, it is linked to keywords used by people when landing on your site pages, if they bounce off, Google will conclude that the keywords they used on search resulting on your site have been voted by those people as not relevant information and your rankings and traffic will go down, on the other side, should people engage with your site, Google will record that as a successful match between search keywords and information pages, hence increase your visibility and traffic.

To learn more about improving your bounce rate as a key to a successful online marketing campaign or as part of your overall Search Engines Optimization (SEO) strategy, please contact us today for a complimentary review of your online presence and competition.

SEO in Vaughan – How to successfully rank my business!

Considering to use Search Engines Optimization with a Vaughan based SEO company to rank your business primarily on Google organic search results? you may want to read this article to learn more about why is it important to understand the demographics of Vaughan for SEO and how to successfully implement a strategy to use SEO to rank your business in Vaughan.

Vaughan_SEOFirst let’s start with the numbers, there are nearly 300,ooo people living in Vaughan which is in York region and just north of the city of Toronto. Why is this important? understanding the proximity to Toronto and the region can be used to create a smart SEO campaign in Vaughan that will grow to parts of Toronto as well in the future.

Vaughan is made out of six major communities: Thornhill, Woodbridge, Maple, Concord, Kleinburg and Vaughan Metropolitan Centre.

Another factor to consider when targeting Vaughan for SEO is demographics, starting with the ethnicities for example 33% of Vaughan are of Italian origin, 12% Jewish, 7% Russian etc.

Having said that I am often asked by clients so why not rank for Vaughan with SEO as simple as that? the answer is in the number of pages competing for the searches you are after.

Let’s take an example using HVAC company in Vaughan that wants to rank their products and services with SEO for locations in Vaughan.

The phrase “HVAC Vaughan” has 395,000 results.

hvac in vaughan - Google Search_ -






Although it may sound like a big number it is considered to be medium/low at most. However, with SEO we need to consider two factors next:

1. Are people actually looking for HVAC when they want to buy those products or services?

2. Can we find a relevant keyword that is more specific and yet has lower competition?

Here is an example:

“furnace installation vaughan” – the keyword is more specific but has higher number of results 427,000 to be specific.

furnace installation vaughan






Conclusion, although “furnace installation Vaughan” is more competitive, it is also more relevant to our SEO campaign in Vaughan and we now want to think creatively how we can rank and fast.

For the next step the understanding of what makes the city of Vaughan becomes crucial, this is also why I always advise advertisers to use local agencies rather than regional.

I have scanned the phrase “furnace installation {community}” using the local Vaughan communities including Thornhill, Woodbridge, Kleinburg, Vaughan Metro (searched as Vaughan), Maple, Concord and found them all to be competitive (above 300,000 results) except for Kleinburg. For that reason I will start my campaign by dominating the “furnace installation” in Kleinburg and word my way through the communities of Vaughan using SEO to rank location by location advantaging from the fact that the base of my phrase is already ranking therefore Google will faster allow the adoption of the local communities.

In fact, since I am very familiar with Vaughan, I live and work here, it is a given that after Kleinburg, I will target Thornhill, Maple, Concord, and only last Woodbridge for this specific search.

Although this is but a generic case study for an HVAC company the next targeted phrase I will want to rank for SEO will be Air Condition (AC) related using the same strategy we used with “furnace”. Keep in mind that the Vaughan search for AC generates 25 million results so the level of competition is by far higher and may require additional strategies for SEO as an example “ac installation price vaughan ” would be only 1.25 million etc.

If your business is in Vaughan or servicing clients in Vaughan and you are considering using SEO for your online campaign, contact us for a consultation and strategy planning package starting as low as $1,299. An educated strategy for SEO in Vaughan can save you thousands of dollars of campaign money as well as increase your ability to go in front of real potential clients, faster and more effectively while measuring your success and improving over time your targeting and geographical coverage.