Online Marketing Strategy 4: CTAs

Call your audience to action by clicking on your website. 

Make your CTA clear, concise, and natural looking is an effective way to call your visitors to an action on your site.


6 Types of CTAs for your Web Design


  1. Contact buttons are one of the most important ways to CTA as it gives your visitors an opportunity to call, email, or get a hold of you for more information about your product or service.
  2. Form Submission requires your visitor to fill out information and a CTA to “click to submit” is a great way to make your visitors a part of your contact base.
  3. Lead Generation is the ultimate goal of CTA, you will want to use this CTA on a web page that has a high amount of visitors. For example, the bottom of blogs, in the sidebar, or even a floating banner in the corner.
  4. Lead Nurturing is a CTA for someone who is not quite ready to purchase your product or service so you need to entice them with an offer or promotion. These CTAs are offers like product demos, free trials, or free quotes.
  5. Read More button encourages visitors to deep dive into the pieces of content.
  6. Social Sharing is a simple way to CTAs and a good way to spread the word about the content you are offering. Allowing your visitors to share your information on another platform is the online version of the word-of-mouth.


Your CTA Should Stand Out


It cannot be stressed enough that a CTA needs to be clearly visible.

The effort you put into creating your CTA will be useless if your visitors are unable to visually see your CTA on your main page of your website. .


Here is how to guarantee your visitors will notice your CTA:



  • Colour palette – this should make your CTA stand out. Choosing a colour combination that accentuates the CTA calls to the visitor’s attention.
  • Location is key – where you place your CTA can have all the impact on its performance. The guiding principles are that CTAs should be located in prominent spots; the space around them should be free from clutter; and they should not be competing with other CTA buttons.
  • Size matters – you want to go with a CTA size that distinctively marks the CTA as a crucial segment of the web design, one that should not be overlooked. But practicing moderation important as well, devoting half your page to a CTA can overwhelm your visitor.



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