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SEO vaughan
SEO vaughan

Think about this, in 2015 there are billions of Web pages on the Internet, estimated at over 200 million Web sites. This industry is growing at a very high speed and much like the phone revolution, everybody must have a Web site. So here is the challenge as we see it from a sales and marketing point of view, well how do we position our business to show on top of the search results?

Most SEO specialists provide a very correct answer, you need to invest in your SEO (paid and organic) in order to get the results you are looking for. We at UNiQO are looking at SEO from a different perspective, how much does it really costs? who do we target? what is my return on investment (ROI)? and is this the most urgent expense for my business in this competitive market?

The good news is that you are correct thinking like that. SEO from a technological point of view is a methodology designed to maximize your site for specific word searches. We are offering a system that is proven solid in sales for generations, before and after the invention of the Internet, our system is based on professionally understanding your (deliverables) business, identifying your customers (current and prospective), and very important we geographically map your customers so that we can prioritise the sales planning and SEO is only part of a larger effort. As such we aim more towards the organic search, using free services such like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Word Press (Blog), directories, Yellow Pages and newsletters as simple everyday tools to get you on top of the search engines.

UNiQO offers a basic search engine optimization (SEO) and submission with every project. Our everyday objective is to correctly understand the very specific market our customers target with their Web site, and use that knowledge when we configure your site for Google. The essence of SEO is to provide a simple answer to the following three questions:

  • What is your business?3
  • Who are your customers?
  • Where are your customers?

inform search engines know who you are and who you serve so that Google, Yahoo and other search engine can find and present your business to the right audience. Over the years we have developed a unique methodology towards search engines, allowing us to complete this part of your new Website quickly and effectively.

Many of our clients are business owners and very proud of their website but found out that their website stopped showing up on Google search…one of many examples for how UNiQO can help your business is by removing bad links that may have been created for you by SEO people who may have used old world tactics to rank you fast on search, yet resulting in soft (algorithmic) or hard (manual) penalties.

Bad links encompass a range of destruction to a website, for example, some of our clients discovered on their website a surprising amount of duplicate content, meaning they had more than one piece of identical content on the internet. In this situation “twinning” is a bad thing.

Did you know that copying content between site will likely result in Google discarding your page?

A website that used avid SEO before 2014 may experience having upwards of 50% domains with poor quality. Bad links can also show up in things like paid links, comment spam, blog networks and guest blog posts. This will create negative Google ranking and a higher bounce rate than usual.

The solution: Hiring a professional service that knows how to remove bad links was her best option. A professional service will take the weight off of your shoulders and get your site back to normal as fast as possible.

A list is compiled for you with the main concerns identified the links are removed manually. If a penalty has been received the service will send a disavow and reconsideration request.

Google will take time to remove the links from your site and remove penalties.

The average project will result in removal of your algorithmic and manual penalties in one step or more.

Consulting a professional service will ensure a clean, functioning, and penalty free site to help your business flourish. Take pride in your website once more and look into a bad links removal service as part of your ongoing SEO strategy. For more information about SEO and Basd Links Removal, contact UNiQO today.