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How SEO Can Help You Rank on Front Page

SEO and Online Marketing

If you own a website, quality content is always important, but regardless of how amazing your content is, it’s meaningless if no one sees it. This is where SEO comes in. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which essentially helps you get your content seen by the people you’re targeting. In most cases, this means getting to the front page of Google Search Results, or ranking higher for specific search results.

There are many factors that affect how well you rank in search results, one simple element is wording. Although there are many ways to word a sentence, it is always important to use keywords. Consistently using keywords will help readers and search engines easily identify your topic. Picking the right keywords is also important. When choosing keywords for your article, look at what people search for, and target popular words related to your topic. Make sure not to hide these keywords under things such as drop menus or buttons, as search engines might not register them. Also make sure not to use jargon, as your wording should be simple, and similar to what people actually search.

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A well organized website also helps your website rank higher. Search engines rank websites based on loading speed, which is why it is important to have a cleanly coded website. Readers also find a website more appealing when it’s very user friendly, and navigation is simple. Similarly, keep your website’s URL short, as long URLs can seem messy and unprofessional. The source of your domain is also important, search engines rank websites with paid domains higher, because they assume they are more professional and relevant.

There is a difference between regular articles, and articles involving SEO. Both have the goal to influence the reader, whether it’s convincing a customer to buy something, or donate. However, blogs with SEO are made to perform well when run through a search engine’s algorithm, this is why strategies such as using keywords are implemented when writing the article. SEO articles also have to help or educate the reader, because search engines also rank an article based on how useful it is. If your article should be able to answer a question or problem.

When making your website, you want to build a strong reputation. Make sure your domain is professional and memorable. A website with the URL Apples2go4sale.com would be much less appealing than a simple URL such as AppleStand.com. Try to

keep your best articles and blogs on your main site so readers will correspond quality articles with your website. Another important point is to make sure not to include an excessive amount of self promotion in your articles, when looking for answers, no one expects to find support on a page that looks like a commercial.

One final point is that search engines also rank website articles based on their relevance to recent major events. For example, if a tornado were to hit Vaughan, you’d likely see articles about the tornado when you search the words “Vaughan News”. Where if you searched those words at any other time, it’d probably give you results for news networks. You can take advantage of this (hopefully during a better occasion) by writing articles about recent news under your topic.

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