This is how you buy website design for a business

Online Marketing VaughanNot all sites are the same. Agree?

There are still so many people who disagree and to them we say buy yoir site design by price since you will not likely do mych with it anyways…

But for those who say some sites rank and perform betterthan others we say let’s talk!

So what makes a site good?

A site well design will load fast and open with a direct answer to the question the client potentially and likely used in the search. A prospect getting an answer that is both relevant and actionable is 10 times more likely to become a business lead…and that is the base of lead generation.

Moreover if the site is local to the prospect and incorporates trust factors like certifications, ratings, reviews or testimonials it will much improve the volume and speed of conversions or in other words leads.

But that is not all. You want the newly designed website to rank high and show above your competition. People more likely to click on a top ranking 1st page results Google site.

Online marketing is an ongoing process, Google is like a cookie monster who wants to be constantly provided with a dynamic set of signals from you in order to reward you with positions on search.

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