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The Importance of Web Design and Aesthetics

Web Design VaughanWhen it comes to meeting people, a commonly cited fact is that your first impression is made within 7 seconds, however, when you visit a website, your first impression of the page is actually made within 3 seconds. Having a properly designed website is extremely important when marketing to customers as every time a user leaves, you’re losing a business opportunity. Whether customers leave because of a lack of professionalism or because your information is too hard to find, it’s important to quickly grab their attention to prevent them from bouncing from your site.

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Just like most well structured things, an effective website has two main components, function and form. Both of these factors affect how attractive and engaging your website is to your customer.

The organization of your website can reflect how user friendly it is and a good way to judge the design the of a website is testing how long it takes to find the information you want. If you can’t find what you’re looking for quickly, or the navigation is confusing, users will likely feel compelled to leave and look for another site.

The aesthetics of a website is also an extremely important factor, a website with a professional layout and appearance can immediately instill a feeling of trust into your customer, as it gives the impression that you thoroughly understand your work. Similarly, the colour scheme of your website also has an affect on your customer’s impression. If you were to have have bright and flashy colours on your website, it could come off as busy and amateur. Another element that is commonly misunderstood is white space, do not feel afraid to leave empty spaces in your website, it can help structure your page and guide users eyes to the most important elements.

Putting all these factors together requires years of experience, and properly designing your company’s website is vital to your marketing procedures. As phone calls and flyers slowly become outdated, it’s important to have a website with a clear and relevant message and that is effectively motivating the right audiences to the actions.

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