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Online Marketing Strategy 3: Web Design Do’s

Revamp your website and make educated choices about your online business’s web design. UNiQO introduces online business owners to several web design principles that will make a difference in your website’s design.

Principles for Web Design



  • Animations, GIFs, and effects

Do use elements that add a touch of motion to your web design



  • Background Visuals

Do choose a background that inspires visitors to experience your web design in its fullest



  • Colour Scheme

Do make smart colour combinations that enhance your web design and content



  • Fonts

Do research fonts that compliment your web design



  • Image Quality

Do use high-quality images and optimize them for your web design



  • Mobile Design

Do optimize images, texts, and other components to your mobile web design



  • Space Distribution

Do consider content clutter and the use of white space throughout your web design



  • Stock Images

Do try to generate relatable images that flow with the content on your website



  • Website Layout

Do use UX standards to assure an inclusive user- friendly web design



  • Written Content

Do plan a web content strategy that is relevant for your web design


Take your web design to the next level and make your online marketing website look attractive and easy to navigate with UNiQO at (289) 588-4265.

Online Marketing Strategy 2: Video Optimization

Are you trying to get ahead of the online business market? Videos are taking content to a new level for online marketing by engaging audiences and sharing your businesses information in the easiest way.

Do not underestimate the power of video optimization. Despite all the increasing recognition of the power of a video – video optimization is not as commonly practiced as SEO content optimization.


Two types of Videos:


  1. Emotional. The most effective videos are often those that elicit an emotional reaction.

  2. Educational. Another core group of video viewers will be those looking to learn something.


Make your Video easy to understand


  • Create an optimized title.

  • Use tags wisely.

  • Create a full description.

  • Consider using closed captions or uploading a transcript


4 Tips for Video Optimization


  • Develop video concepts based on targeted audience

  • Embellish the video with a call-to-action or a link to a product or service page

  • Identify relevant target keywords, and use them to create a video title, tags and video description that communicate the video’s overall message, this create value to your video’s ranking

  • Promote the video throughout your own networks and social media to begin accumulating views


YouTube understands your Video


Like Google, YouTube has its own internal algorithm that determines the order in which a video comes up on your desktop or mobile device screen.


Here are a few key factors that the algorithm uses to improve your videos ranking:


  • Watch time. YouTube wants to see how long your visitors stay to watch your content. This criterion is so critical that YouTube has an entire section dedicated to it.

  • Keyword relevance.

  • Your number of subscribers.

  • Customer reactions, including comments, likes and dislikes.

  • Video length.


Create a strong CTA, Call-to-Action for your Video


Once you have a visitor on your video, the last thing you want is for them to click away from your video and go watch another. The perfect time to display your call-to-action is when your visitor is watching your video, this encourages them to see what more your online marketing business has to offer.


Promote your Video


This is the final step to developing an online presence for your business, promoting your video can be done through various type of social media platforms or even throughout the Vancouver area, do not disclude word of mouth as a powerful lead generator.


Reach the millions of people using YouTube and develop a fun and engaging video to answer all of your visitors questions or concerns. Build-up your video with UNiQO and call today at (289) 588-4265.