Making Landing Pages to Convert Traffic to Leads

Landing pages are used to test specific types of audiences that you or your online marketing company may identified.

Instead of changing the site each time you wish to test a specific prospective audience, what drives them, key selling points and ways to get those people to take action, you can create landing pages on your site, track them and monitor how they perform over time.

Fast capture your audience’s attention, motivate and cultivate them to take the action, record their behaviour over time so in reality you can target, funnel and generate leads from multiple and different audiences all at once.

Study your audience and categorize them

  • Test different messages – what works best?
  • Improve engagement on page by using visuals that are relevant to your users like video
  • Don’t think twice about testing landing pages in A/B test mode, we all make assumptions
  • Consider using surveys on your site, asking people for feedback and integrate social media share buttons
  • Monitor the performance of pages with Analytics over time, analyze, improve and retarget


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