Video marketing – does it worth my time?

Video Marketing VaughanEveryone wants to watch answers to the questions they post on Google search instead of reading through content…this is a fact. True, the feasibility of considering video may vary between industries but not as much when it comes to demographics. Recent years studies indicate that female audiences, more specifically moms ages 24-54 are more likely to turn to video search and tend to make decision and purchases based on information they watched on video.

To some extent video is the new TV, just more cost effective and highly targeted to the specific behaviour of your audience. Smartphone viewers are much more inclined to watch and share videos that are relevant to their search and with such wide availability of lower cost data plans by Canadian cellular operators like Rogers, Bell, Telus, Fido, Wind, Public Mobile and others, the use of data to search and watch videos on smartphones is extremely common to all user ages and profiles.

Are you aware of the fact that half the people using smartphones report using video search to support their product purchasing decisions? can you really afford to stay out of the race? concerned with costs? not sure where to start?

Talk with us today, we can help walking you though the various options, technologies and budgets – we like to keep things simple so you can focus on actions!

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