SEO in Vaughan – How to successfully rank my business!

Considering to use Search Engines Optimization with a Vaughan based SEO company to rank your business primarily on Google organic search results? you may want to read this article to learn more about why is it important to understand the demographics of Vaughan for SEO and how to successfully implement a strategy to use SEO to rank your business in Vaughan.

Vaughan_SEOFirst let’s start with the numbers, there are nearly 300,ooo people living in Vaughan which is in York region and just north of the city of Toronto. Why is this important? understanding the proximity to Toronto and the region can be used to create a smart SEO campaign in Vaughan that will grow to parts of Toronto as well in the future.

Vaughan is made out of six major communities: Thornhill, Woodbridge, Maple, Concord, Kleinburg and Vaughan Metropolitan Centre.

Another factor to consider when targeting Vaughan for SEO is demographics, starting with the ethnicities for example 33% of Vaughan are of Italian origin, 12% Jewish, 7% Russian etc.

Having said that I am often asked by clients so why not rank for Vaughan with SEO as simple as that? the answer is in the number of pages competing for the searches you are after.

Let’s take an example using HVAC company in Vaughan that wants to rank their products and services with SEO for locations in Vaughan.

The phrase “HVAC Vaughan” has 395,000 results.

hvac in vaughan - Google Search_ -






Although it may sound like a big number it is considered to be medium/low at most. However, with SEO we need to consider two factors next:

1. Are people actually looking for HVAC when they want to buy those products or services?

2. Can we find a relevant keyword that is more specific and yet has lower competition?

Here is an example:

“furnace installation vaughan” – the keyword is more specific but has higher number of results 427,000 to be specific.

furnace installation vaughan






Conclusion, although “furnace installation Vaughan” is more competitive, it is also more relevant to our SEO campaign in Vaughan and we now want to think creatively how we can rank and fast.

For the next step the understanding of what makes the city of Vaughan becomes crucial, this is also why I always advise advertisers to use local agencies rather than regional.

I have scanned the phrase “furnace installation {community}” using the local Vaughan communities including Thornhill, Woodbridge, Kleinburg, Vaughan Metro (searched as Vaughan), Maple, Concord and found them all to be competitive (above 300,000 results) except for Kleinburg. For that reason I will start my campaign by dominating the “furnace installation” in Kleinburg and word my way through the communities of Vaughan using SEO to rank location by location advantaging from the fact that the base of my phrase is already ranking therefore Google will faster allow the adoption of the local communities.

In fact, since I am very familiar with Vaughan, I live and work here, it is a given that after Kleinburg, I will target Thornhill, Maple, Concord, and only last Woodbridge for this specific search.

Although this is but a generic case study for an HVAC company the next targeted phrase I will want to rank for SEO will be Air Condition (AC) related using the same strategy we used with “furnace”. Keep in mind that the Vaughan search for AC generates 25 million results so the level of competition is by far higher and may require additional strategies for SEO as an example “ac installation price vaughan ” would be only 1.25 million etc.

If your business is in Vaughan or servicing clients in Vaughan and you are considering using SEO for your online campaign, contact us for a consultation and strategy planning package starting as low as $1,299. An educated strategy for SEO in Vaughan can save you thousands of dollars of campaign money as well as increase your ability to go in front of real potential clients, faster and more effectively while measuring your success and improving over time your targeting and geographical coverage. 


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